Techies brainstorm digital transformation strategies at PIC workshop

Techies brainstorm digital transformation strategies at PIC workshop

Techies brainstorm digital transformation strategies at PIC workshop

Elizabeth Idoko

On Thursday, 29th of September 2022, a workshop to discuss Sustainable Digital Transformation in Nigeria, was held in Abuja as part of the Policy Innovation Centre's (PIC) ‘Inclusive Digital Transformation Programme’ which aims to propel Nigeria towards long-term digital inclusion and economic growth.

The Deputy Director of the Policy Innovation Center (PIC), Dr. Osasuyi Dirisu, in her opening remarks, emphasized the goals of the PIC collaboration with the Global Digital Access Program (DAP), as well as the government and other key stakeholders in the digital ecosystem, which she said is to develop more sustainable strategies and policies for Nigeria's digital transformation.

Tracy Okoro, State Adoption Lead, Nigerian Start-Up Bill (NSB), in her presentation titled ‘Start-Up Bill and National Digital Economy and Strategy (NDEPS): Connecting the Dots’ illustrated the connection between the NSB objectives, the NDEPS pillars and DAP, all of whose work is to achieve a more digitally transformed Nigeria.

Okoro explained how NSB and NDEPS collaborate to identify problems, develop solutions, market, and establish a framework for implementation. By ensuring that states embrace the bill and uphold the pillars, she claimed, they can ensure that the bill endures even after the government departs.

She also said that by this month, government should be able to give the bill its assent, making it a law before it departs.

In the same vein, a National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) spokesperson highlighted the agency's accomplishments so far across sectors in a presentation titled ‘The Role of NITDA in Engendering Sustainable Growth in Public and Private Sector.’

He said that NITDA, in its work, continues to seek to bring everyone along with a strategy to leave no one behind, including the weak and disabled, by institutionalizing the learning process, altering policies and encouraging people to share.

 AfriLabs Chief Operating Officer, Ajibola Odukoya also emphasized the part his organisation is playing in this regard in a presentation titled ‘Identifying Opportunities and Gaps in the Role of the Private Sector in Achieving an Inclusive Digital Economy in Nigeria.’ In order to facilitate the quick commercialization of technologically oriented solutions and ecosystem collaboration, he indicated that plans are ongoing to develop the "Afri Connect Platform" for tech inclined businesses, start-up, researchers and investors, among others.

Following this, attendees were divided into groups for presentations and breakout sessions where they brainstormed strategies. These groups were to discuss; Startups and SSOPs, Foreign and Local Investments, Telecommunications, Education, and Development Regulations.

Idoko is a communications intern with the Nigerian Economic Summit Group (NESG)