Our work in Education focuses on social and behavioral research to inform Education Systems Development, Foundational literacy and Numeracy, Program Design, Policy and Practice. We also explore social determinants of learning and innovative pathways to improve learning outcomes.

Assessment of the context and behavioural drivers of learning deprivation and outcomes for β€œAt-Risk (in and out of school) Children,” in Nigeria

The PIC implemented research which explored the context and behavioural drivers of learning poverty on “At-Risk Out of School Children/At-Risk Children” who consequently drop out as well as enablers and barriers to uptake of interventions. Through this assessment, the PIC evaluated the in-school learning environment and mapped existing programs /policies to explore gaps and opportunities for strengthening access/delivery of services. In addition, the PIC explored sustainable strategies for skills development, livelihood and school reintegration for out-of-school children

Duration: 2022-2024
This project is supported by High-level Forum on SDGs, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation