Our health work focuses on equipping stakeholders at different levels with advocacy skills to work collaboratively to improve accountability in health governance and best practices for health systems. Through a participatory approach, we facilitate dialogues to identify problems, question assumptions and support policy solutions. We utilize an evidence-driven approach to policy and context analysis to situate the gaps in the provision of quality health services in the broader system-level ecosystem to improve health systems and service delivery. Our health pillars include: Health Systems Policy, Advocacy and Governance, Health Inequities and Health in Emergency Settings

A Scoping Assessment to Generate Evidence for Women’s Health Advocacy in Nigeria

The scoping assessment is exploring the context of women’s health and advocacy platforms to provide evidence-driven strategies for the delivery and support of a vibrant women’s health advocacy program in Nigeria. This assessment is being implemented at national and sub- ational levels (Lagos, Kaduna, and Kano states)

Duration: 2023-2024
This project is supported by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation