Gender and Inclusion Summit 2024

Reimagining Gender Inclusive Pathways and Partnerships for Poverty Reduction

About The Summit

The Policy Innovation Centre (PIC) of the Nigerian Economic Summit Group (NESG) is set to host the 3rd edition of the Gender and Inclusion Summit. The theme of the summit is "Reimagining Gender Inclusive Pathways and Partnerships for Poverty Reduction" and will explore gender-inclusive pathways to poverty reduction by addressing dimensions of deprivation such as health, education, and standards of living; and highlighting how strategic partnerships can be leveraged to advance these efforts. The Summit will also support the co-creation of actionable strategies that accelerate the actualisation of the SDGs.

The Gender and Inclusion Summit will provide a platform that focuses on stakeholder engagement, inclusion, relationship and trust-building, and the co-creation of contextually relevant gender solutions for poverty reduction.

GS-24 is scheduled on September 3-5, 2024, at the Abuja Continental Hotel, Abuja, Nigeria.

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GS-24 Summit Tracks

Gender Equity: A Catalyst for Poverty Alleviation

Examining how gender equity can serve as a fundamental driver in reducing poverty, emphasizing the importance of integrating gender perspectives in all poverty reduction strategies

Collaborative Strategies for Achieving Food Security and Sustainable Agriculture

Highlighting the importance of multi-stakeholder partnerships in ensuring food security and promoting sustainable agricultural practices, with an emphasis on women's roles in food systems

Equitable Access to Healthcare: A Pathway to Thriving Communities

Exploring how equitable healthcare services can significantly reduce health-related poverty and improve overall well-being, especially for women and marginalized group

Educational Equity: Building Foundations for a Prosperous Future

Discussing the critical role of equitable and quality education in poverty reduction and how partnerships can enhance educational opportunities for girls and women.

Sustainable Cities: Gender-Inclusive Solutions for Urban Poverty Reduction

Exploring gender-sensitive planning and inclusive policies for safe, affordable housing and accessible transportation, reducing urban poverty and creating equitable, sustainable cities

The Intersection of Gender and Multidimensional Poverty

Investigating the complex relationship between gender and multidimensional poverty, addressing how gender disparities exacerbate poverty and what can be done to bridge these gaps

Advancing Gender Equity in Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH)

Exploring strategies to bridge gender gaps in access to WASH services, highlighting the importance of women's involvement in decision-making processes related to WASH

Creating Secure Livelihoods and Decent Jobs for All

Addressing the challenges and opportunities in creating secure livelihoods and decent jobs, with a focus on gender-responsive approaches to economic empowerment

Gender-Responsive Climate Action for Sustainable Development

Discussing the importance of incorporating gender perspectives in climate action to ensure sustainable development and resilience against climate change impacts.

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