Gender and Inclusion Summit 2024:

Reimagining Gender Inclusive Pathways and Partnerships for Poverty Reduction

The Policy Innovation Centre (PIC) of the Nigerian Economic Summit Group (NESG) is set to host the 3rd edition of the Gender and Inclusion Summit. The theme of the summit is "Reimagining Gender Inclusive Pathwayss and Partnerships for Poverty Reduction" and will explore gender-inclusive pathways to poverty reduction by addressing dimensions of deprivation such as health, education, and standards of living; and highlighting how strategic partnerships can be leveraged to advance these efforts. The Summit will also support the co-creation of actionable strategies that accelerate the actualisation of the SDGs.

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About the Policy Innovation Centre

The Policy Innovation Centre (PIC) is the first national institutionalized behavioral initiative in Africa supporting government and stakeholders to make behaviorally informed decisions and generate evidence for impact driven interventions in critical thematic areas. The PIC is an initiative of the Nigeria Economic Summit Group (NESG), a leading think tank in Africa redefining evidence based policy advocacy. In 2017, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) provided funding to establish the ‘interim Policy Innovation Unit (PIU)” as a proof of concept to assess whether a behavioural insights (BI) unit could work in the Nigerian context to improve public sector outcomes. Based on the demonstrated success, the PIC was launched in October 2021 to deepen the impact of social interventions in Nigeria.

The complexity of issues faced by most countries is increasingly inter-related and dynamic. Policies and Interventions must be human centered, realistic and connect the often multi-faceted nature of the needs and challenges people face in their everyday lives. The PIC is positioned to support the delivery of better policies and innovative solutions for high impact interventions across Africa.

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We use tested and innovative social science, behavioral science and human centered design approaches to improve programs and policies in Nigeria and beyond.​


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The first national institutionalized
behavioral initiative in Africa


At the PIC, our Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) program is focused on supporting an enabling policy environment for gender and social inclusion; gender systems strengthening as well as gender transformative programming. Our sustainability approach to GESI embeds capacity building, skills transfer, and participatory strategies to facilitate ownership and positive social change.


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