Apply to Host a Webinar

Gender and Inclusion Summit 2023

Submission Deadline: 11:59pm WAT, October 15, 2023.

The GS-23 Summit will introduce a new dimension to knowledge sharing with the webinars. These engaging sessions will feature thought-provoking discussions, interviews, and insights from experts. Thus, throughout GS-23, a series of webinars aligned with the Summit tracks will be hosted by the PIC, partners and sponsors as pre-summit events from August to November 2023.

Organising a webinar is an excellent way to engage with Summit attendees, offer knowledge and evidence, as well as network. The GS-23 welcomes inquiries from organisations about the opportunity to host a webinar to Webinars would be held via Zoom Video Conference.

PIC will notify applicants if their application has been accepted within two weeks of submission and provide confirmation of the date and time of the event. Due to limited spaces, applicants are requested to include their top two preferred days and times in their application.

Trade refers to the voluntary exchange of goods, services, or resources between individuals, organizations, or countries for money or other valuable considerations. On the other hand, health refers to "a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity." Health and improved well-being promote economic growth by expanding the labour force, increasing productivity and output.

The Gender and Inclusion Summit 2023 will explore strategies to advance gender and inclusion by harnessing the potential of trade to promote economic participation, reduce inequalities and improve access to opportunities as well as innovative approaches to bridging healthcare financing gaps and access to quality healthcare services.